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Rihanna two albums date singles near you WhatsApp It's become something of a trend to lament the lack of new Rihanna music, so much so that each time she shares an update on one of her many other business ventures, like announcing new Savage x Fenty lingerie or new Fenty Beauty bronzer, her fans have taken their complaints to her Instagram comments. She is very aware that we all want another album, and as someone who has never shied away from speaking her mind, it is only appropriate that she respond directly to the criticism from her fans. Recently, when two Instagram users told her to "go back to singing" and claimed they "want the album" instead of some new beauty products, Rihanna replied, "i love how y'all tell me what to do. Barbadian singer Rihanna has released eight studio albums, two compilation albums, two remix albums, one reissue, and 71 singles Since the beginning of her. Potentially following in Drake's footsteps, a la Scorpion's double album release, Rihanna is clearly not eager to cut the multitude of tracks she's. With new albums expected from Rihanna, Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, is Rey has also teased two other song in snippets, “How To.

This morning, Rolling Stone provided a glimmer of hope to those expecting answers. According to the magazine's exclusive sources, Rihanna has been recording her yet-to-be-titled ninth studio album for the past year. And judging by the mass hype behind the tiniest of elusive updates, R9 is about to dominate , resulting in Rih changing the game yet again. With a successful run of her last studio album, 2016's ANTi , and a sporadic handful of featured hits, the recording artist managed to defy odds and sonically shapeshift the attitude of the industry in the past two years.

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Rihanna - If It's Lovin' That You Want

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