21 Books You Don’t Have to Read

By | 08.06.2019

Reddit christian books should i trust a man from pakistan Email We've been told all our lives that we can only call ourselves well-read once we've read the Great Books. We tried. But a few pages into Bleak House, we realized that not all the Great Books have aged well. Where did they get these statistics from? I have a hard time believing Mere Christianity has only been mentioned 40 times in 12 years. Lewis gives a really interesting take on the Christian view of the cosmos .. I would not call them "Christian books" but Catholicism is a theme in. I'm distinguishing "willpower" from "self-control" here, where one is the power to get out of bed in the morning and do the work that needs to be.

If that saying were a person — well, have you met Rachel Hollis? Nobody can take up a collection in this camp. She writes in the book about leaving home after high school and striking out for Los Angeles, where an obsession with Matt Damon led her to apply for and get a job at Miramax which had produced Good Will Hunting.

Anderson, assistant secretary of the American board for foreign missions wrote an interesting memoir of Catharine Brown, a Cherokee. This delightful little narrative is a cheering first fruit of the missions of the American Board, among our western Indians. We love to read such things, for they teach us the sovereign power of the gospel over the human heart and they give us evidence from fact, that it is the Bible, and the Bible alone, which is designed of God, to be the great instrument of renovating the world. We love to read them, for they encourage all the friends of mission to more ardent prayer for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and arouse them to more untired activity in the work of sending the gospel to the destitute. Facts such as this narrative discloses are unanswerable, and it is only necessary that they be universally known, and it must be as universally acknowledged, that the missionary and his helpers are not only the kindest and most self-denying, but also that they are the wisest and most successful of any who have ever attempted to make their fellow men happier and better.

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