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Redbird agency los angeles funny first date texts Share Susan Gates Susan Gates launched Redbird with her business partner, Amy Rappeport, in 1996 as a custom publishing company, making magazines for big brands. She and Amy came out of the magazine business in New York — Esquire, Newsweek, National Geographic — and were set on helping brands bring national quality editorial to their marketing efforts in order to touch customers in more meaningful ways. In 2005, with the digital landscape opening wide, she and her partner brought in two more partners, Miriam Bookey and Jenna Briand, both from AOL Time Warner, and both experts in digital content, to expand their content offerings across all platforms, from print to websites, mobile apps, social media, to the full range of video services. Redbird Studios is a full-service video production company with expertise in. Walk into Redbird's offices and you'll see well-thumbed magazines stacked on. Redbird case studies illustrating the meaningful, measurable impact our work.

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