What is the chance that at least two people were born on

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Probability birthday same day of week who are the 2 actors in the sling commercial Math Dr. Math Home Suppose you flip a coin and bet that it will come up tails. This means that if you try this bet often, you should win about half the time. In probability theory, the birthday problem or birthday paradox concerns the probability that, in a These conclusions are based on the assumption that each day of the year (excluding Thus in a group of just seven random people, it is more likely than not that two of them will have a birthday within a week of each other. find the probability of those 3 people sharing the same birthday in that week, having the same birthday and another person on another day. What if somebody offered to bet that at least two people in your math class had the Also, let's assume that a person has an equal chance of being born on any day of the To find the probability that both people have this birthday, we have to .

When we had multiple birthdays in the month we all shouted out our day to see if we had any matches. I had 23 students in the classroom, and we had no matches. Does this surprise you?

odds of two siblings having the same birthday

The birthday paradox is strange, counter-intuitive, and completely true. No dice bub. After pounding your head with statistics, you know not to divide, but use exponents. The chance of 10 heads is not.

What is the probability that a non leap year should have fifty three Sundays?

probability of 3 person having same birthday

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Check your intuition: The birthday problem - David Knuffke

53 Sundays in a leap year - Probability -

find the probability that of 25 randomly selected students at least two share the same birthday

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