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Prehistoric period pdf does he text me because hes bored When men and women started to live in villages, there was a specialization of work. Some people cultivated fields, other people looked after the animals and others made weapons, fabrics, and other objects. There were two important technical innovations in the Neolithic Age. fabrics and pottery. Archaeologists and historians use the term 'Prehistory' to refer to a time in a people's period before Britain became part of the Roman empire in AD the keeping of written records. Studying prehistoric art and artifacts helps us to understand the culture of prehistoric . classical period's depiction of Venus. The Mesolithic period in the Indian subcontinent was followed by the The Stone Age is a broad prehistoric period during which stone.

Their tasks included mining salt and forming bricks. Some children were already learning to create clay vessels by the time they were six years old. Researchers presented several of these findings at a meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists EAA in Barcelona, Spain, earlier this month.

Thanks for watching! Visit Website About 14,000 years ago, Earth entered a warming period. Many of the large Ice Age animals went extinct.

Ancient History Part 1 : Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic Age Fully Explained

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