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Online herbarium list cant stay off dating apps Seuss nightmare—a towering, invasive plant with toxic sap that burns the skin and eyes upon contact. But the noxious weed is not imaginary, with a dozen states now on the lookout to eradicate any patches of giant hogweed that might crop up, experts say. The plant grows 8 to 14 feet tall, with a green hollow stem rising up to branches of small white flowers clustered in "umbrellas" about 2. The plant releases sap containing toxic organic chemicals called furanocoumarins that cause severe burns and painful blisters on human skin, as well as eye irritation, Kraus said. Perspiration and sun exposure enhance the reaction. Following is a list of species available on-line . Search the on-line Herbarium to view high quality images and herbarium sheet. The list is not intended to be comprehensive. The site includes an online aquatic plant bibliographic database, drawings, descriptions and. [email protected] is an online citizen science project. alternatively you can choose to document sheets from a particular project or herbarium from the list below.

Conditions of use Guide to using the Cryptogamia Digital Herbarium The databases hold detailed information about all the specimens in the so-called Cryptogamia Herbarium which includes algae, bryophyte, lichen and fungi collections, but not pteridophytes.

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