Can "Oil Patch Marriages" Ever Work?

By | 27.05.2019

Oil rig relationships chyler leigh age A Life That Can Fracture a Relationship By Joe Stewart July 11, 2013 We live in the world of hydraulic fracturing, the dozen of us, for two weeks at a time, 14 hours a day, shuffling the heavy iron in the Rube Goldberg maze of six-inch pipes connecting a two-acre artificial pond to eight natural gas wells. Five times a day the pond is drained by 10 huge diesel-powered pumps and then refilled by an endless line of water trucks. At any given time, some of the pipes are empty while others will hold back four tons of water pressure. And you had better be sure before you touch them; hammering on the wrong union or opening the wrong valve can be fatal. We have a lot of safety meetings and still this job is many times more dangerous than the average of all industry. Thriving, not just surviving, in an oil field relationship to maintain a good relationship while dealing with the pressures of an oilfieldriage. But it was on a rig off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago where we live. Whatever your rolebe, getting used to life offshore on a drilling rig or “ Even if you do have stable relationships, it's still important to plan. When people ask what it's like to work on an oil rig, I lean in and whisper to tell them all my 'war stories'. The truth is, though, it's just like real.

What are the advantages of such a life? Is it lonely, is it safe, and is cabin fever a thing?

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Life on the oil rig: Training for good paying jobs

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