No more land in London, so they're selling off the air space

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Off the air space announcing relationship on instagram Indian warplanes carried out air raids on Tuesday inside northeast Pakistan's Balakot on what New Delhi called camps belonging to Jaish-e-Muhammad JeM , the armed group which claimed the Pulwama suicide bombing. Islamabad denied any such camps existed. Al Jazeera visited the site of the Indian raids and found that bombs hit a forest and a field in a remote area in northern Pakistan's town of Jaba, about 100km away from Islamabad. Pakistan retaliated to the Indian air attacks by shooting down a MiG-21 fighter jet on Wednesday and detained its pilot, Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, who was returned to India on Friday night in a "peace gesture". Too high and the moisture driven out of the back side of the reservoir cladding into the air space will blow through the layer and through the gypsum sheathing. Airspace definition: A country's airspace is the part of the sky that is over that Officials closed off the airspace above the scene of the shootings and put the. Forades, airplanes and rockets have shared the skies in peace — but recently, satellite launches have started to irk the aviation industry. Now, the aviation industry wants to make some changes, ones that commercial space advocates say could fundamentally change the launch.

Image Credit. KARACHI. Restrictions over large swathes of Pakistani airspace continued to affect numerous flight routes, officials said Tuesday, weeks after clashes between Pakistan and India brought the nuclear-armed rivals to the brink of war.

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