Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend, According to Guys

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Names to call older boyfriend pregnant by another man while separated uk Read through this list and get some inspiration about what to call your guy. Adorable — Simple, yet effective. If your boy really is adorable, tell him! plus cute nicknames that you can use to call your boyfriend or husband. Baby Daddy: Great nick if your boyfriend is a little older than you. If you and your boyfriend are the kind of couple who like to call each other cute names, peruse this list to come up with new and original ones. The English language offers lots of synonyms for "boyfriend" and "girlfriend", many themselves once again grappling with what to call their romantic partners .

Alpha. Perfect name for someone who is a born leader. Adonis. Adonis is the God of beauty and desire in Greek Mythology.

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Romeo — romantic to the core Caesar — regal handsome Jack Sparow — handsome, suave and smart Pirates of the Caribbean fame Superman — for the one who always solves your problems Yoda — for the wise beyond wise Star Wars fame Thor — the handsome blonde God from Asgaard Santa Claus — the generous boyfriend Captain Kirk — handsome, smart and charismatic Star Wars fame The Hulk — big, angry with a soft corner only for you Wolverine — for the guy who never conforms Pet Names Based on cartoon characters — we all have favorite cartoon characters. Here are a few cute names to call your boyfriend — Asterix — smart and unbeatable in brains Bagheera — lithe and handsome as the black panther in Jungle Book Ferdinand the Bull — huge body with a soft heart Goofy — for the guy who is always awkward around you Nemo — for the cute and curious guy Obelix — big, cute and all heart Popeye — for the muscular and always ready to help guy Scooby-Doo — for one who only thinks about food. The name you choose should evoke good feeling in his heart and mind; it should tell him and the world at large, that you love him very much and you feel lucky to have him in your life. Start with His Given Name — it takes time to find the right nicknames to call your boyfriend. For a quick start, use his given name.

50 Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend

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30 Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Sexy Names for Bae!

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