Mickey Rourke has had decades of potential

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Mickey rourke boxing career cool games inc soundcloud Very Intriguing Person is a series about people who fascinate us, for better or worse. He began as a promising young actor from the Method school, transitioned into a unique heartthrob of concentrated erotic energy, and then precipitously declined, downgrading from Hollywood stardom to an ill-advised career in professional boxing and too much plastic surgery, languishing in the wilderness for over a decade before the genuinely fine movie that would be hailed as a return to form. It has now been a decade since The Wrestler was released and lauded, and Rourke has since disappeared back into the trashy limited-release film ether, undergone increasingly grotesque facial reconstruction, and been caught saying things publicly that are — to put it mildly — jarringly out of step with contemporary culture. But Rourke has always been a little bit out of step, even at the height of his career. In the mid-1980s, he cultivated his persona as a type of brooding leading man that owed much to Pacino or De Niro, but equally looked back to the 1950s, with his perennially pompadoured hair and penchant for white tee-shirts and blue jeans. The Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke returned to the boxing ring on finishing a three-year pro boxing career with six wins and two draws. Actor Mickey Rourke wears a T-shirt with an image depicting Hollywood star and part-time boxer Mickey Rourke is planning to return to the. YET, rourke gets to claim that he was a pro boxer and has the offical stats yeah, just type in "mickey rourke boxing" when you go on youtube.

Rourke was the oldest of three children. He had a brother and sister.

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Mickey Rourke vs Thomas McCoy Boxing Match

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