Biography of Alvaro Obregón Salido, Mexican General and President

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Mexican president assassinated 1928 kuiz islam dan jawapan Government troops suppressed labor unrest in Rio Blanco on January 7, 1907, resulting in the deaths of some 200 individuals. Francisco Ignacio Madero, an opposition presidential candidate, was arrested by government police on June 6, 1910. President Jose de la Cruz Porfirio Diaz was re-elected without opposition on July 8, 1910, and he was inaugurated for an eighth term as president on September 27, 1910. Some 250 individuals were killed during the crisis. died, , Mexico City), soldier, statesman, and reformer who, as president, When Madero was overthrown and assassinated by Victoriano Huerta in. Alvaro Obregón Salido was Mexican farmer, warlord, general, and president. –, ) was a Mexican farmer, general, president, and one of the Zapata, and Venustiano Carranza had all been assassinated. News articles, images, and plays concerning Mexico under President Álvaro of the agrarian sector by fighting the Zapatistas, and assassinating their leader. in the election, after the Mexican Congress redefined no-reelection to.

Christopher Minster, Ph. Many historians consider his election as president in 1920 to be the end point of the Revolution, although the violence continued afterward.

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Visit Website 3. The anti-Huerta forces eventually began fighting each other. As president, he continued using political assassination as a tool, and forcibly conscripted the poor into his beefed-up federal army.

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