Chinese Wedding Traditions

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Marriage in china ppt stranger danger online ks2 Other ethnic groups traditionally had different customs. These traditional customs were a carry-over from feudal times in China but were changed by two different reforms after the Communist revolution. Thus, the official act of marriage in modern China is a secular ceremony, not a religious one. However, there remain strong traditional customs in place in many parts of China. The first reform came with the 1950 marriage law, the first official marriage document for the People's Republic of China , in which the feudal nature of traditional marriage was officially eliminated. Chinese Wedding Traditions- authorSTREAM Pretation. In modern China, the officialriage ceremony is now substantially different than it was in traditional Chinese custom, where moriages.

Introduction Marriage is a very important turning point in almost all the civilizations since the human exists. In western world, the combination of Adam and Eve is regarded as the first marriage in their culture; in China, Nv Wa and Fu Xi are considered as the first couple who creates Chinese people. And marriage value can be simply defined as the attitudes and viewpoints to marriage.

Presentation on theme. "Chinese Traditional Wedding. Request for Marrying the Bride Bride matchmaker matchmaker negotiation persuation negotiation persuation between the two families between the two families 2. Request for Bride and Groom s Birth Dates Groom s Birth Dates eight letters the year, eight letters the year, month, day, and hour of the month, day, and hour of the groom and the brides birth groom and the brides birth 4 Pre-Wedding 3. Formal Gifts for the Bride's Family Family bridal cakes bridal cakes cash, wine, tobacco, cash, wine, tobacco, sacrifices for ancestors sacrifices for ancestors 4.

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