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Lonely planet hiking in alaska the official poverty definition may One of those is usually blown up with family obligations. So if we're lucky, we get just one week to throw off the shackles of our desk jobs and embrace adventure. Given the pressure of planning a vacation in just the right place at just the right time for just the right budget, it's no wonder more than half of us end up with unused vacation time at the end of the year. Let us alleviate that pressure. Simply bookmark this article and head to each of these five cities for an amazing adventure vacation. From the rain forests and glaciers of Southeast Alaska to the rugged mountains and tundra of the state's vast interior, this practical guide makes Alaska's pristine . Lonely Planet, Brendan Sainsbury, Catherine Bodry, Adam Karlin Great Hiking Near Alaska's Cities Even if you don't have any desire to hoist a hefty backpack. Lonely Planet, Brendan Sainsbury, Catherine Bodry, Adam Karlin, John Lee, Alaska Hike Search Includes details on trails.

In addition to packing out toilet paper and not collecting moose antlers as souvenirs, rangers now ask backcountry hikers to not post precise maps of their adventures on the Internet.

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Hiking Alaska is a comprehensive guide to the entire state, featuring 100 hikes with more than 200 optional destinations and side trips. Elias national parks. The text describes hikes for all ages and abilities, including tips and trips for sharing the outdoors with children. Elevation profiles, maps, natural history sidebars, and no-trace camping and safety techniques accompany detailed hike descriptions. Comparison tables help you pick a hike by length, access, and type of natural features.

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09 Alaska Bound: A Mind-Blowing Glacier Hike in McCarthy

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