'Chicago Fire' Season 3 Spoilers: Leslie Shay’s Heartbreaking Death

By | 20.06.2019

Leslie shay dies jang hyun-seung songs Read at your own risk! However, it remains to be seen if the show's fiercely loyal fan base will be able to take the news as easily. Tuesday's third season premiere picked up right where the big Season 2 cliff-hanger left off — when the roof collapsed inside a burning building while everyone except Chief Boden Eamonn Walker was inside. How will Severide and Dawson recover from their loss? And should fans be worried about another death? Chicago Fire left viewers reeling when the NBC drama wrapped its fifth season in Ever since the pilot episode of the flagship series, which opened with the death of Casey and Leslie Shay . On the premiere, we see that Leslie Shay was hit in the head with a pipe while 'Chicago Fire' Fans Flip Over Shay's Death. An accident in the cliffhanger season finale of season two leaves Shay critically injured in the explosion of a building and she dies in.

Over the years, the Chicago franchise on NBC has done just that. The stakes are high on all three of the shows, resulting in some gut-wrenching death scenes across the board. Executive producer Dick Wolf and the folks at NBC have broken plenty of hearts since the Chicago shows started airing.

why did shay leave chicago fire

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Chicago Fire - The Season 2 Finale Cliffhanger (Episode Highlight)

chicago fire deaths

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why did shay leave chicago fire

Kelly Severide and Leslie Shay

Chicago Fire - Shay's Dedication Ceremony (Episode Highlight)

chicago fire deaths

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