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Is laos safe to travel alone the porch dallas jonah message The four prior days in Hanoi had also been really cold so this feeling of Laotian warmth on my body was heaven! The trip had been wonderful but definitely whirlwind. In Hanoi, I said goodbye to my travel mates who were all heading back home to the States. However, I was extending my travels for another week — this time on my own to visit Laos, a new country for me. Planning My Laos Extension How did this extension come about, you might ask? I have done a reasonable amount of travel before, but this will be my first solo trip. Is Laos a safe/easy place for solo travel? I will have around. Read useful advice and tips for your next solo travel in Laos become applicable. Laos is considered as one of the world's safest countries for. Two Solo Travel Society members recommend the Buddhist I have been to Luang Prabang in Laos, Southeast Asia twice now As in other parts of South East Asia a single traveler will feel quite safe and secure.

The peaceful lifestyle, friendly locals and inexpensive living standard do make the country ideal to live in and travel.

Carol is from Australia, Don is from Canada, and each submitted reports from their solo trips to Luang Prabang. You can fly directly there from Singapore and Bangkok making easy access for solo travelers. This shows itself in the multitude of gorgeously decorated golden roofed temples, palaces, and well preserved French colonial buildings; but the whole town still retains a village feel. Stay on the peninsular old town where you have easy access to everything. Marvel at how people farm the fertile land exposed by the seasonal drop in river levels; watch brightly robed young monks on their way to and from the wats temples where they get their main chance at education; and experience the most reasonably priced French cuisine in the world.


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