New York vs. Los Angeles: How to Choose

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Is it easier to make friends in nyc or la buzzfeed marvel quiz 2019 Which part of the city do you live in? But now, every day feels like just one single second. That just what happens when a new city becomes your new home. I live Manhattan — the center of it all. Which cities/locations have you had the hardest time making friends in? New York is really easy because there are always a ton of new arrivals of all lived outside of the Boston area was Southern California in the LA area.

By Erica Reitman Oct 31, 2015 Getty Images Five years ago, if I polled a random selection of my friends and acquaintances and asked this simple question. "pick one word or phrase to describe me," my guess is every single one of them would have responded with "New Yorker.

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Friends locations and props in Los Angeles & New York

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