Song Profile and Facts; Song’s Ideal Type

By | 13.06.2019

Ikon yunhyeong age japanese culture around dating Fact The expertise of a Jinhyeong. Acting and dancing. Other rumors say he also smoked. The worst rumors that there are some netizens said Jinhyeong never done free sex and fighting brawl. However, after further confirmed it was a hoax and Jinhyeong reportedly cried all day in the dorm after hearing the news. Jinhyeong also admitted that he had not done so free sex and fighting and he actually cried to hear it. Looking to find and learn IKON members profile? If you are curious about the age as well as the profile of the group and the members of the IKON group, please . Stage Name: Song . Each iKON member has his own individual taste in women and this is what they Yunhyeong has stated in the past that his ideal type is someone who speaks. What would you do if the biggest entertainment group, YG Entertainment, identified your talent at such a tender age and the CEO, not even top.

He was raised by a single parent and has a younger sister, named Hanbyoul. Although he writes songs about love, he admitted that he never had a girlfriend before.

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