11 Men Reveal What They *Really* Think About Women Not Shaving

By | 24.05.2019

I dont shave down there rob schneider biography imdb While most women surveyed 70 percent hope their partner will sport a low-maintenance "trim," the majority of men surveyed 46 percent want their partners to be completely bare. And it appears that's exactly what's happening — 57 percent of women reported removing all their pubic hair. But what about the women who don't? Here, a sampling of the 6 percent of women who let their pubic hair grow in naturally explain why they stopped removing it and what they hope others will understand about their choice. For the women who do not use their genital hair as a self-keting strategy, . from men along the lines of, oh, you don't shave down there?. You certainly don't have to shave before sex if you don't want to. your skin right after shaving down there, because that also can cause irritation or bumps. Let's get one thing straight — there's no one right way to deal with You totally don't have to. So how do you shave down there anyway?.

Mar 19, 2014 Getty ImagesGetty Images Two things have really bothered me, and I'm always nervous to even consider bringing them up to a guy.

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Jan 16, 2017 Getty Images Shaving. The bane of many a woman's existence. Sometimes, it's just easier to let it all grow out especially in the winter. Who's really looking?

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