Unpaid superannuation stories highlight the importance of regular checks

By | 01.06.2019

How to check outstanding super dating someone with no experience reddit Last Updated. 15 May 2019 Running a business and employing people involves superannuation obligations. All employees are covered by the superannuation guarantee legislation, whether they are full-time, part-time, or casual workers. This means that as an employer, you'll have to take certain steps during the employment process in order to meet your obligations. What you need to do when paying employee superannuation Business owners and employers need to. pay super contributions for eligible employees by the cut off dates each quarter pay at least the minimum 9. You can employ people under all business structures. It is simple to find unclaimed super – it is your money so take control. When you receive your annual super statement, review the information to ensure it's still correct. Find your lost super for free using the lost super search tools provided by the Awarded Superannuation Outstanding Value 5 star rating every year since

After talking to management, her director blamed the oversight on a fired bookkeeper, who had been in charge of superannuation payments. Trisha said beyond that, the director "gave no explanation and no apology", and this made things awkward. She said seeing the latest figures about workers being short changed rang true to her.

Of course, your share may be higher or lower than the average depending on your work history. We are here to find and recover your lost super, so just say the magic words. find my super, and we'll do our best to recover the money that is rightfully yours. What is your lost super doing? Your super could still be held at a super fund that you no longer have access to, have forgotten about, or never knew about to begin with.


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