Hercules Against the Barbarians Mark Forest, José Greci, Ken Clark. Sword and Sand

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Hercules against the barbarians (1964) san pedro port o call The sword-and-sandal, or peplum film pepla plural is a genre of largely Italian-made historical or biblical epics costume dramas that dominated the Itali. Maciste arranges for himself and his new friend Bango to be captured by a mysterious band of white-clad marauders and taken to an underground city. There the. In ancient Greece, a race of evil aliens from the Moon land on Earth. k Forest is the star of this peplum epic, Hercules Against The Barbarians. 'Maciste nell'inferno di Gengis Khan' Directed by Domenico Paolella. The eternal Hercules in this film has gone way beyond his usual time and place in ancient Greece and is now helping Poland free itself of Mongol invaders in the . In fact this film came before Hercules Against The Barbarians, and thankfully this film is slightly In Hercules Against The Barbarians, Ken Clark played one of Genghis Khan's sons Maciste in King Solomon's Mines .

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Defeated, the Mongols retreat. The leader of the military garrison, Kubulai, is angered that the Mongols have tasted defeat for the first time. An injured fighter speaks of a man who fought with the strength of a hurricane.

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HERCULES battles Giant Snake