PEARL – Ankündigung des neuen Albums, Vö: Mai 2019

By | 10.06.2019

Heather nova pearl pre order sam hyde ted talk reddit As the anniversary of her 1994 release approached, the singer-songwriter called on her past producer Youth the founding bass player for Killing Joke , who collaborated with her once again on new project, Pearl. To record the 11-track album, they opted for a fresh change of scenery, heading with the band to the mountains of Spain to complete the final product. I spoke with Heather about her new release Pearl, which will be out on June 28. Interview: Heathera discusses new album Pearl and the 25th . Pearl will be released on and you can pre-order it now.

Who says rock n roll is only for the young? There have been 8 studio albums in-between; all of them critically acclaimed, and many of them charting. She has toured consistently in those intervening years, maintaining a loyal fanbase; has played every major European festival, as well as intimate acoustic gigs in churches and opera houses, has had her music featured in major TV shows and Hollywood films, released a volume of her poetry and drawings, and has even been known to show up and play free at hospitals in between tour dates.

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Heather Nova - New Album „Pearl“ - Preorder Campaign

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Heather Nova - Beautiful Ride (Acoustic Version)

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