Ottawa as a Global Leader in Gov-Tech?

By | 26.05.2019

Govtech annual conference mini bar refrigerator size For those tasked with building and those seeking to adopt these solutions, understanding emerging GovTech trends is both exciting and instructive. As communities evolve each day, understanding the technology landscape can keep public sector organizations energized and agile. Here are five exciting emerging trends that we see throughout the GovTech community. At the core, we notice they each critically focus on transforming how people and technology intersect. Data-Driven Leaders Among public sector personnel, the move from merely collecting data to analyzing it is transformative. DSPI Annual Summit The Westin Renaissance Montgomery Hotel & Spa. Latest Events from GovTech Singapore. STACK Developer Conference. STACK Developer Conference. technology tradeshows and conferences you can't miss in the annual World Congress brings together experts from businesses.

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GovTech STACK 2018 Developer Conference

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Ron Bouganim – Govtech Ecosystem – CfA Summit (2015)