TNA Wrestling Superstar Gail Kim: Ronda Rousey Proves Women Can Be the Main Event

By | 29.05.2019

Gail kim impact wrestling things to do in jurong at night There, she joined the tag team America's Most Wanted as their valet. After the dissolution of the group, Kim performed as a singles wrestler, eventually going on to become the inaugural TNA Women's Knockout Champion in October 2007. The following October she returned to TNA. In 2012, Pro Wrestling Illustrated named Kim the number one female wrestler in the world. Kim majored in kinesiology at the University of Toronto before transferring to Ryerson University and changing her major to nutrition. Gail Kim began her wrestling career on the Canadian-American After being released by WWE in , Kim joined TNA in. Gail Kim returns, Eddie Edwards escapes the institute, and more Episodes of Impact Wrestling like the one shown this week are prime. Gail Kim began her wrestling career on the Canadian-American After being released by WWE in , Kim joined TNA in.

With renewed interest in ladies who actually wrestle, Total Nonstop Action superstar Gail Kim admits it's a "great time" to be a woman in sports entertainment! Not only did victory make Rousey a pop culture phenomenon, the PPV also sold in excess of 900,000 buys -- the highest since UFC 168 which, it must be noted, Rousey co-headlined.

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iMPACT Wrestling 2016.06.14 Gail Kim to the Hall Of Fame

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Madison Rayne vs Gail Kim: FULL MATCH (TNA Lockdown 2014) - IMPACT Wrestling Full Matches

TNA iMPACT Wrestling 2016.08.11 Gail Kim vs Marti Bell

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