Firefox pushes another update to fix its broken add-ons

By | 25.05.2019

Firefox quantum addons board game speed dating boston The successor, WebExtensions, are more secure but less powerful. If you want to load a legacy add-on, then the following steps will allow you to do so. Just keep in mind that these add-ons can break at any time when Firefox updates. Add-ons built using legacy technology are a security and stability risk, because these add-ons run with the full privileges of the browser without any sandboxing. Do not follow these instructions unless you are aware of the consequences. Firefox Quantum is the biggest update to Mozilla's browser since its launch in , and introduced a totally new way of handling add-ons. Staff at Mozilla have issued a comprehensive fix for the Firefox browser it looks like you're not putting out a fix for anyone not using Quantum. This causes Firefox to consider add-ons signed with that certificate to be . GitHub repository: Firefox Quantum compatible

Firefox has finally caught up with Chrome in terms of speed, the interface is a lot cleaner, and there are some great new features to boot.

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17 Cool Firefox Extensions That Are Compatible With The Latest Quantum 57 - Best Firefox Addons 2019

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