How India makes Parsi babies

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Famous parsis in india percentage of singles by age Persis is the first Indian to present an award at the Oscars. What do Salaam Bombay! Sooni Taraporewala, of course! Parsi: Parsi, member of a group of followers in India of the Iranian prophet Zoroaster . The Parsis are descended from Persian Zoroastrians who. A recently held festival in India debated on ways to increase the dwindling population of India's Parsi community, writes Bachi Karkaria.

It is the first day of the Persian year and Parsis across the world have celebrated it for centuries. It's a time to come together to celebrate, to eat and drink, to connect with the Parsi community and faith.

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Their history in India can be traced back to the 8th century when they migrated from Persia Iran to the Indian shores to avoid persecution from Arab conquests in their homeland. They are known for their adherence to Zoroastrian faith and are a very close-knit community. However, their numbers have dwindled over time and as per the latest estimate, there are nearly 69,000 Parsis in India. Despite being small in number, Parsis are the most economically sturdy and educated community in India. From being entrepreneurs and legal luminaries to serving in the army, Parsis are known to lead by example.

Parsi Community in India

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10 Parsis who played a key role in shaping modern India

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