State of mental healthcare systems in Eastern Europe: do we really understand what is going on?

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Eastern european mental health braemar highland games 2019 In many countries in Central and Eastern Europe, large psychiatric or social care institutions are still the main care setting for those deemed to require long-term support, despite years of stated policies in support of a process of deinstitutionalisation. Right now, there are hundreds of thousands of persons with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities effectively caught between the stated policy goal of moving away from institutional care and a lack of effective means to bring about that change. The result is that many such institutions are run down, poorly maintained and too often the setting for practices that are inhumane or antithetical to safe, effective, high-quality care. This issue has been recently and extensively evidenced by a number of recent international reports. Britain has one of the lowest numbers of hospital beds in Europe for young people struggling with serious mental health problems, EU-funded. Mental health care in Central and Eastern Europe has not improved significantly since the fall of communism in the region, and remains.

Profound socio-economic and political changes have taken place since the fall of communism in CEE. However, after reviewing research on mental health services across the region the team showed that despite many promising policy documents, in practice mental health services are still reliant on large psychiatric hospitals with inadequate conditions.

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