Xhosa culture: the clans and customs

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Eastern cape towns in xhosa cupid chat up lines The capital of the province is Bhisho. Home to a number of renowned tertiary education establishments like Rhodes University, the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and the Walter Sisulu University of Technology, the Eastern Cape is a proud student supporter. Transport in and out of the Eastern Cape is not a problem as there is a good road system and there are airports at Bhisho, East London , Mthatha and Port Elizabeth , along with two major harbours in East London and Port Elizabeth. The Langkloof Valley has large deciduous fruit growing communities while the arid Karoo is known for its sheep farming. The Eastern Cape is the traditional home of the Xhosa people, and the Grahamstown, a charming town in the Eastern Cape is home to the National Arts . Historical Sites of the Eastern Cape include 9 border war sites and also the Xhosa people provided the first determined resistance, and the Eastern of Karoo architecture, fynbos and more monuments than any other town in South Africa. Clinton Moodley chats to Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency to find out more: When you visit, locals will tell you stories of Xhosa kings, early The towns of Bathurst, Grahamstown and Cradock are some of the towns.

As one of Africa's rare and unspoilt gems, Eastern Cape travel offers great natural diversity. Discover superb beaches on the Sunshine Coast the coastal route between St Francis Bay and East London or travel further north the lush sub-tropical rolling hills and secluded beaches of the Wild Coast between the Mtamvuna River in the north and the Great Kei River to the south. Venture inland to the vast Karoo to lie beneath unforgettable star-studded night skies and along the way pop into charming, historic towns and savour their warm welcome.

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