Great Seal of the United States

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E pluribus unum flag documents required to sell a bike in bangalore It means that we, who came here from many nations around the earth, while still embracing our heritage and customs, pledge allegiance to our adopted nation, to become citizens of this country and accept the responsibilities of defending her and pulling our own weight. Out of many, one. To be one people has always been the aim of the forefathers because they knew that a people united can stand against most anything and win in the face of battles, wars, recessions, and perverse ideologies. United, we can take on all comers and be victorious in preserving our way of life. I remember, so well, that unity during the dark days of the Second World War, when Americans refused to even think about losing that war and were willing to make whatever sacrifice or pay whatever personal price it took to win. Buy American Vinyl Black Vintage E Pluribus Unum Flag Sticker (President us Logo): Bumper Stickers,als & Magnets - ✓ FREE DELIVERY. Buy MAGNET BLACK Vintage E PLURIBUS UNUM Flag Magnetic Sticker ( president us logo): Bumper Stickers,als & Magnets - ✓ FREE. I can only imagine the number of states that will update their flag to this This flag is inspired by the motto of the US, "E pluribus unum", which.

Constantino Brumidi Apotheosis of Washington, U. Capitol rotunda.

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E Pluribus Unum: A Museum to Tell EVERYONE'S Story

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