How To Spot A Fake Lady Dior Handbag

By | 26.05.2019

Dior serial number meaning code of ethics for educators in california Home .. Authenticity Guide Authenticity Guide When buying a handbag online, it is important to have the security of knowing that it is authentic. Brand Souk is a great place to buy some of the most sought after pre-owned designer items. Determining whether an item is authentic can be tricky. NUMBER 2 IS THE FAKE DIOR BAG The charms, the ring which holds the “ DIOR” letters is very stable, and it doesn't move from side to side. Christian Dior handbags are extremely popular, and with prices The serial number will be positioned on the backside of the logo tag in the following form: two numbers, two letters, four numbers, separated by dashes. See where the letters D sit. Also ask for the serial number, dior serial numbers read the same way that LV's do so you will know if it is not a.

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