The 'Justice League' movie's greatest sin is reducing Wonder Woman to a sidekick

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Dc comics wonder woman sidekick christian crush app Once the ring grants him the knowledge and abilities associated with it, the newly minted Dex-Starr begins his road to vengeance and galactic badassery. He eventually befriends Red Lantern legend Atrocitus. The two become inseparable and Dex-Starr quickly becomes a deadly sidekick to one of the most vicious beings in the DC galaxy. Being the loyal cat that he is, Dex-Starr often accompanies Atrocitus on missions and does well to protect and serve his friend. As powerful and intelligent as Dex-Starr is, his loyalty earns him a spot on this list. Donna Troy, alias Wonder Girl and later Troia and Wonder Woman, is a Troy became part of the new Justice League's lineup, along with Mon-El, Batman, and . Well, first off, there have been four Wonder Women and two Wonder Girls, Who would win in a fight between Wonder Woman and Batman? . given her own superpowers so that she could be Wonder Woman's sidekick. of Wonder Girl and which version of Donna Troy the DC Universe ex- superhero sidekick, but her history in the comics is not exactly set in.

The 'Justice League' movie's greatest sin is reducing Wonder Woman to a sidekick Wonder Woman's awesomeness serves mostly to highlight the greater awesomeness of the guys around her.

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To call Donna Troy's comic book history convoluted would be a serious understatement. The one-time Wonder Girl was introduced as Wonder Woman's younger sister, only to later be depicted as an orphan rescued by the superhero and raised on Paradise Island. But that was before Wonder Woman's timeline was rebooted in 1987, severing her connection to Donna, whose own origin -- and alter ego -- was changed again and again.

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