Dating with intellectual disabilities: Is it a right?

By | 24.05.2019

Dating someone with an intellectual disability linda keith jimi hendrix photos Mary tackles everything from meeting that special someone to going on a date and staying safe. Plus, she gives advice for parents and caregivers. Check out what Mary has to say and then submit your own questions to her by clicking here. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Disability Scoop. Tell us about your experience, the type of work you do and the people you work with. Spring dance in Dickson for people with intellectual disabilities . could be held liable if a person in their care engages in a sexual relationship. When a person has a disability of some kind, its not retarded. . As far as would I date a person with an intellectual limitation, of course I would. My sister has developmental disabilities, but for the last 6 months has I think she should be dating someone in a similar situation to herself.

If a person has a disability, it isn't necessarily like 'taking advantage of them' to be involved with them. A person with a disability, even if they are quite handicapped intellectually, once they are of legal age, they have the same right as anyone else to have sex and relationships.

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