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By | 18.06.2019

Daniel lissing fan instagram john t thompson quotes ET's Deidre Behar sat down with Lissing on Wednesday, where the charming star opened up about his unforgettable time on the show, the bonds he's forged with his former castmates, and the support he's gotten from viewers. The 37-year-old Australian actor, who starred as Canadian Mountie Jack Thornton for five seasons of When Calls the Heart, shocked the show's dedicated fans known as "Hearties" when his character was killed off in April , following his decision to move on to other projects. Jack's passionate relationship with Hope Valley schoolteacher Elizabeth Thatcher played by Erin Krakow was one of the central stories throughout the series, and his unexpected death -- which came just a few episodes after their wedding -- left many viewers upset and angered. For #Hearties without Instagram Here's some pics from Daniel & Erin's new instastories PC Daniel Lissing,Erin Krakow,Kyle Krakow, & Instagram. Find All Instagram Friends in Daniel Lissing in daniellissing Instagram Account. Daniel Lissing Fans: Team Jack's Photos in @heartiesteamjack Instagram. View and download anonymously, heartiesteamjack (@Daniel Lissing Fans: Team Jack) - Fan page in support of the one & only Daniel Lissing, @ daniellissing!.

In just a short time, the series has become a phenomenon for the network and has created a devoted group of fans known as the Hearties. We sit down with Daniel to talk about the upcoming fourth season of the series, his thoughts about the future of Elizabeth and Jack and his thoughts on a possible fifth season for When Calls the Heart.

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