All-Star Musicians Are Stepping Up For Chris Wood While He Recovers From Surgery

By | 17.06.2019

Chris wood musician age dating jordan man Groove-loving acid jazz kingpin and dazzling improviser on one side, it seems, and lover of tenderly tuneful Americana on the other — a split personality? Was it as fun as it looked? It was a big reunion, with so many people and this sort of extended family we have of friends from New York. CW. Yeah, sometimes. We have so much experience when we play music that it always feels fresh and exciting and new when we play, but it also feels familiar. Bassist Chris Wood took time from his busy schedule with Medeski,tin We have so much experience when we play music that it always feels . He's one of those people who managed to keep that in his old age — all. As Chris Wood is still recovering, elite musicians have been stepping up in his stead. But it took bassist extraordinaire Chris Wood and his virtuoso-guitarist brother Oliver nearly 15 years before they finally joined musical forces.

The two had never even discussed playing together until one night in 2004, when Oliver sat in with MMW at a North Carolina gig.

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Recorded in Birmingham, his first stomping ground and now his last harbour, what was put on to tape that day carried an air of fragile, wounded beauty. It was as if, right there and then, he somehow found the strength to summon all the hurt, pain and wrongness of the world and blow it out. Within weeks of the session he was dead, aged just 39, his ravaged body and a broken heart having given up on him. The musical legacy Wood left behind stretches across three decades, through numerous collectives, and is imprinted upon a handful of dazzling albums.

Chris Wood - One in a Million. Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2009

That all changed with his landmark album The Lark Descending in 2005, an entirely solo acoustic collection released on his own label, R. Records, which marked him not only as one of England's most important and influential folksingers with a uniquely subtle approach to performance, but also an immensely gifted songwriter. Wood is from Kent in South East England, and his early initiation was through church music. He joined the Royal Shakespeare Company, composing music at London's National Theatre and also becoming active with projects promoting folk music in the schools.

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