Chicago's Progressive Talk network loses 2 FM signals but goes 24/7 on DeKalb FM

By | 12.06.2019

Chicagos progressive talk radio pregnant by another man while separated uk The three-hour-long broadcast came on the heels of Mayor Daley's warning yesterday to 40-plus city labor unions that they could suffer layoffs of 1,100 union jobs if they don't make severe concessions in the face of major budget cuts. This news came despite evidence published and aired by local media that many of the 50 local aldermen took pay raises in the last 2 years' budgets. Local labor leaders from Chicago's major unions appeared on the broadcast to plead their case and publicize what they see as unfair sacrifices being levied on working men and women, when non-union and management jobs have not been required so far to make such concessions. More than 10 major leaders called on Governor Quinn to sign the Capital bill that they pulled together to get passed through the Illinois legislature. Many of them repeated the mantra that its time to sign the Capital bill and get the workers back to work. Chicago's Progressive Talk believes that a blue city and a blue state deserve a Progressive Talk radio station that is entertaining, informative, irreverent and. Chicago's Progressive Talk - WCPT is a broadcast station from Willow Springs, Illinois, United States, playing News, Talk. "Live Local & Progressive" featuring Dick Kay 4 months ago4 Chicago's Progressive Talk Radio WCPT AM.

Sign up for our newsletters Subscribe click to enlarge Drone photo by Dwight Irwin On Wednesday, December 19, Mark Pinski, the general manager for WCPT—Chicago's progressive talk radio station—took me out for breakfast to give me an "annual performance review" about my afternoon show.

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