Worst Logo in NFL History for Every Team

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Chicago bears logos history blackpeoplemeet app for iphone Later became the Chicago Bears. Although Staley likely did not foresee the consequences, his competitive nature and desire to be the best set in motion a series of events that changed the face of sports in America. Staley was gearing up for what would be his most prolific decade. This decade 1920-1930, would begin with the creation of the Staley athletic program and the beginning of the Decatur Staleys football club. Why would an industrialist like Staley would embark in the field of athletics? The Bears alternate logo has a classic bear head that is very recognizable logo throughout the sports world. xawpw5ke7zfylp9h4fuo2i8ce Most of the other logos on this list are well known, but I'd never seen this old Bears. In a recentket research poll, lifeloveand.me had each logo in the NFL I was surprised where the iconic Chicago Bears' "C" came in on their list. I'm all for history, something as old, tired, and overused needs an update.

Slot to Chicago Links The Chicago Bears, for the most part, have remained pretty simple and straightforward when it comes to their uniform designs. The helmets in Chicago have remained mostly untouched for the better part of five decades.

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What Does The GSH Symbol On The Chicago Bears Jersey Mean?

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