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Carl lentz the view dating to relationship timeline reddit Sexism and homophobia are not the first things most people would think of when evangelical mega-church Hillsong is mentioned. The fast-growing Christian movement is primarily known for its celebrity congregation -- from the likes of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez to Chris Pratt and Kourtney Kardashian. The media has breathlessly dubbed the church's most prominent figure -- and Bieber BFF -- pastor Carl Lentz as a "rock star" in his own right. However, underneath the glitzy veneer of rock concert religious services and glamorous members is a conservative value system at odds with the liberal ethos commonly associated with Hollywood. View Story To understand the two faces of Hillsong -- the public hipster image and the privately homophobic -- TooFab spoke with former members who were initially taken in by the inclusive message preached on the pulpit only to later be ostracized by its core values. Now, Carl Lentz, the pastor of Hillsong NYC, and one of the city's most who hold opposing views on this issue” and understanding that “it is. Pastor Carl Lentz blasted the Reproductive Health Act in an I spent hours talking to lawyers and people who hold opposing views on this. We saw that recently when well-known pastor Carl Lentz appeared on ABC's “ The View.” Lentz spoke boldly and in no uncertain moral terms.

First off, I am in NO way a spokesperson for Hillsong church — any of them. And pastor Carl Lentz can handle himself.

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False Pastor Carl Lentz 'PARTYING' with Justin Bieber in new Zealand

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