How to Buy A Car Registered As PNO I California?

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Buying a non op car in california reddit unintentionally intimidating Car Registration for Non Operation Status Vehicles March 18, 2013 The DVM offers a special non-operational car registration for non operation vehicles which are neither to be driven nor parked on the communal street. It is necessary to register and to renew the registration fee annually for non operation vehicles for the reason that if a non operation car is caught on the street without registration then the owner has to pay a hefty penalty. Below is some further information in regards to the status of non operational vehicles. Non Operation Vehicles Those vehicles which will never be dragged, driven, parked or stored on the communal streets for the complete registration year are termed as non-operation vehicles. So I got a great deal on a car but it has been non-op'd since Does anyone know the steps that would be involved in purchasing it? Do I need to obtain a. So that means if i bought the vehicle, I will be stuck with the non op fees for the you have to pay a fee if you own a car and don't drive it in CA?. Per the California DMV, vehicles which have been registered as Planned Non- Operation do not require a smog check when they are.

Likes. 0 Received 0 Likes on 0 Posts Allow me to update you guys, This might get long so please, bear with me. I went to go check out the car yesterday, let's start with paperwork first and then move on to the car's condition.

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Best Ways to Sell a Car Without a Smog Check January 27, 2012 If you want to sell a car without a smog check or emissions test, you might find that it's very hard to do in most states that require this type of testing. In fact, if you want to sell a car without a fog check, you may have to get explicit permission from your state's Department of Motor Vehicles to do so. In other cases, you may need to create a completely separate agreement or contract specifying that both parties agreed that the vehicle may not be able to pass a smog test or inspection. While it may difficult, there are ways to sell a car without a log book smog check. Gentleman's Agreement in Writing Some states that require smog or emissions testing allow you to sell a vehicle that may not be able to pass a smog check - provided that the buyer states that he or she is aware of the problem and does so in writing.

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