“When Love Arrives” by Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye

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Button poetry phil kaye dating websites 50 plus uk Love wore a hemp necklace. Love played acoustic guitar and knew all my favorite Beatles songs. And I knew, I just must be searching the wrong classrooms, just must be checking the wrong hallways, she was there, I was sure of it. If only I could find him. Phil Kaye, author of the collection Date & Time, forthcoming from Button Poetry in In this short film, poet Phil Kaye performs his poem "Repetition," a personal. Come join Button Poetry at Honey MPLS on for a headlining set from forthcoming Button Poetry author, Phil Kaye! With Bernard. Michele Moses on a recent, sold-out show where Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye performed poems about divorce, long-distance relationships, and.

My mother taught me this trick. if you repeat something over and over again, it loses its meaning. Our lives, she said, are the same way. You watch the sunset too often and it just becomes 6 pm.

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Students were able to meet and interact with the poets after watching a performance of their spoken word poetry. Photo By. Sam Pianello Gathering in a packed and claustrophobic stairwell in Sanders Classroom Auditorium has become procedure for many popular campus events, which usually include outlandish comedic performances or hyped plays. The spoken word poetry of Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye also gathered a crowd so large that attendees could hardly fit in the Sanders stairwell, waiting to hear words of poetry rather than what is usually performed at the venue. But Kay and Kaye both boast hugely successful careers, a possible explanation for the large number of poetry performance attendees. Kaye and Kay stopped at Vassar as part of their tour, named Project V.

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Phil Kaye - "Camaro"

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PHIL KAYE performs "TEETH"