‘Bioshock: Infinite’ DLC Sends Players Back To Rapture

By | 21.05.2019

Bioshock infinite return to rapture reddit psychology help Richard Cobbett Contributor In the BioShock multiverse, there's always a lighthouse, there's always a man, and there's always a city. In the world of film noir detectives, the constants are somewhat simpler. There's always a dame. There's always a case. 2K Games has sold a DLC Season Pass for BioShock Infinite since the FPS launched inbut long months went buy with nary a word on. BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea the eagerly anticipated downloadable content that returns players to the undersea utopia of Rapture, will be out. To answer the basic questions without any spoilers though, yes, while the DLC is set in Rapture, it's absolutely a piece of BioShock Infinite.

Your External IP Select the chapter or view the game index. If you want to leave cornbredx a tip for writing this Bioshock Infinite. Burial at Sea - Episode Two guide you can do so here. It's just under the screen behind the Lutece device.

Comments Shares Booker DeWitt is slumped in his office, his numb stupor disturbed by a persistent knocking at the door. Historically for Booker, whatever's on the other side isn't going to be good news. Its opening minutes follow the beats of a hardboiled detective novel. Moments later, the door swings open to reveal a girl, a case, and a whole ocean of trouble. It's not that simple, of course.

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