15 Movies With the Worst Twist Endings

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Bad match plot twist is he over his ex wife It can be a brilliant bait-and-switch that deepens the story, or it can be a nonsensical turn of events that cheapens everything that came before. Spoilers ahead, obviously. Alongside big name costars like Isla Fisher, Mark Ruffalo, and Morgan Freeman, audiences saw Eisenberg lead a team of skilled magicians on a heist with such ease that it seemed nothing could go wrong. Bad Matchnot be a traditional horror movie, but the thought of having your life ruined by just a few simple clicks is downright terrifying in. Bad Match is a thriller about an internet-dating playboy's life get twisted as one would expect, and Harris finds himself on the wrong end of a bad day. There's an interesting moment early in the movie when Harris. BAD MATCH isn't a drop-dead gorgeous movie, but it's not one that's more than a few twists in the story that kept me pleasantly surprised.

David Chirchirillo's tale illustrates how changes in approach have altered nothing about the fundamental challenges of liaisons between strangers. Both parties can think they're behaving reasonably and things can still go very, very wrong. Harris Jack Cutmore-Scott sees nothing wrong with using internet dating simply as a means of getting laid.

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An intended one-night stand with a girl named Riley takes a sharp turn when Riley is looking for something more. Bad Match takes a good, hard look at the downsides of digital dating and hook-up culture, offering a fresh twist reflective of the new mainstream social understanding about toxic masculinity. Obviously, the Squad decided we had some opinions about it! Warning. As with every Squad Talk, we do get into spoilers. I was pleasantly surprised.

Bad Match: The Tindering - A Critique (SPOILERS)

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