Armenian Lavash Bread and its Recipe | A beautiful Think Bread for Armenian Cuisine

By | 19.06.2019

Armenian ladies baking lavash liv and maddie willow That confirms the clay ovens tonir and the relics of bread, which have discovered in variety of the old places. During the excavations of Artashat city there have been discovered tonir of that same period. For thousands of years Armenians have used the type of bread Lavash. Lavash has also been used in other nations besides Armenians, and that is the reason, that this type of bread has been separated by the method of preparation and forms of using in everyday life. In the s, President Gerald Ford even selected a print of "Armenian Ladies Baking Lavash" by Armenian-American artist Manuel Tolegian. Lavash is traditional Armenian thin bread that reprets our national Have you known that the flatbread prepares and bake only women?. Armenian lavash is a traditional flat bread, which is an integral part of Armenian Lavash: Baking Process . Armenian women making Lavash.

One thing that you will always notice in every Armenian table is a great amount of bread. Armenia is one of the oldest countries with ancient history, culture and cuisine in Asia and South Caucasus region. A nation that has a history of thousand years, decades and still from the ancient times Armenians knew how to make wine and bake bread.

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