Bella and Gigi’s Brother Anwar Hadid Makes a Massive Move in the Fashion World

By | 22.05.2019

Anwar hadid jewelry medellin guru bogota Fashion Pray For Anwar Hadid and Yoni Laham The model and musician have teamed up on jewelry line Martyre, which features unisex pieces with spiritual meaning. The model, who has risen to fashion fame alongside sisters Gigi and Bella, has been rocking pierced ears since he was about 11, and while the musician cannot say the same, he values the confidence boost of a good piece and regularly wears rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Neither founder has prior experience in the jewelry field, but their outside perspectives are exactly what drew them to found the brand—and just what makes their brand so interesting. Hadid and Laham have been friends for a while, and after noticing many people in their circle were pursuing creative projects, they noticed a gap in the jewelry industry for younger voices like theirs. It's a different perspective. You've gotta have a hook in the crowded jewelry business and it looks like Anwar Hadid and his friend Yoni Laham have found their niche.

Introducing Martyre, a Los Angeles-based line the boys created to redefine the climate of unisex jewelry. The close pals recently called The Daily to fill us in on their new venture. How do you guys know each other?

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