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Angelfish temperature celsius bald guy style tips Aquarium Care Angelfish Angelfish Pterophyllum scalare are graceful fish that are relatively easy to keep in an aquarium. They are from the family Cichlidae most commonly called cichlids. Angelfish are originally from the Amazon River in South America. Is 20 degree celcuis temperature of a angelfish tank alright? is more like a cold water tank, they will not do well at that temperature im afraid. MY Air Conditioning is out and I'm having to ice down tanks What is the Mac " safe" temp for Angelfish? I see guide here lists 74 to 84 tank is. Angelfish is very territorial and as such they require large tank size measuring of water parameters with temperature ranging from 25 to 29deg Celsius and with pH An angelfish tank setup should have an aquarium heater for temperature.

Angelfish live in freshwater and are Amazonian natives, the Essequibo River and Orinoco river basins in tropical South America. Angelfish come from a family known as Cichlidae and are called Pterophyllum.

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They can grow up to six inches in height and because of their aggressive behavior and incompatible nature with other fish , angelfish should only be kept with its own species. Most aquarist have tried keeping them in large community aquarium but ended up with little success as they will wreck havoc by attacking other smaller species and consuming young fish fry. This is even more evident especially during spawning period.

African Cichlids - How Water Temperature Affects Their Behaviour

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DAY 1 Angel fish crossbreeding and laying(longfin-silver scalare) in 4k

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