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Adventure time puhoy golb reality mtv shows 2000s And needless to say, after watching these latest episodes, I'm... Very, very concerned. While I hoped this latest bomb would be super plot heavy, half of the episodes honestly did nothing to contribute to the plot. He had no connection to GOLB or The Lich, he did not provide any worldbuilding, he was just another jerkass father that wanted to use Jake. "Puhoy " is the sixteenth episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. As he dies, he flies through space naked and bounces off GOLB's. What I Believe GOLB Reprets in Adventure Time The Adventure death in the pillow universe of “Puhoy,” Magic Man mentioned how he. Adventure Time Finale's Big Villain, Explained mysterious entity was introduced briefly in in the episode "Puhoy," in which Finn is.

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Adventure Time's Finale EXPLAINED! (Easter Eggs, Lore, & Analysis!)

adventure time golb monsters

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