Ed Sheeran Announces No. 6 Collaborations Project Track List

By | 05.06.2019

50 cent news feed instagram assumptions of law of supply Facebook Everyone poops. That's a fact. Now that we've got that sorted, what's also a fact is that bowel cancer is now the most common cause of cancer-related death for Australians aged 25-29. It still came as a shock to Dahlia Matkovic though, when, aged 27, her doctor diagnosed her with bowel cancer. 50 Cent just announced he's leaving Instagram, where he has 18 million followers, because the site removed his content without telling him. News > HOT 97 NOW > 50 Cent Done with Instagram + Taking His Fans look forward to 50 Cent and his antics on Instagram, however it. 50 Cent has announced that he has officially left Instagram following a announced the surprising news to his 18 million followers last night.

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50 cent instagram

The Facebook-owned photo sharing application stopped working for almost an hour last night. The outage was experienced across several corners of the world, that's exactly when the Instagram users took on Twitter to vent out their frustration. Before Instagram, earlier even Facebook and WhatsApp suffered worldwide outage days ago.

Rapper Runs Up On 50 cent For Ignoring Him on Instagram

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50 Cent and Russell Simmons About Snoop Dogg Life and more instagram live

Soundcloud Rapper That Ran Up On 50Cent REACTS To 50 TROLLING ON IG and Tries To Bag Nikki Nicole!

diddy instagram

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